28. September 2023

Will PayPal and Google be the next to adopt cryptocurrencies?

The attraction of Square and MicroStrategy for Bitcoin (BTC) had caused a stir in recent weeks. And there are several signs that other heavyweights, including PayPal and Google, are looking into ways to bet on cryptocurrency. Decryption.

This new attraction for Crypto Engine and cryptocurrency was noted by Tyler Winklevoss, the co-creator of Gemini, who himself made his fortune from BTC. He was commenting on the investment by Square, Jack Dorsey’s company (Twitter). The company raised $ 50 million worth of Bitcoin last week. The news was unsurprising, with Dorsey being a particularly vocal advocate of cryptos for several years.

But it did show, however, that more and more large businesses of PayPal’s caliber were embracing cryptocurrency, as Tyler Winklevoss pointed out:

“First off, it was Michael Saylor and publicly traded company MicroStrategy, who bought $ 425 million worth of bitcoin. Today, Jack Dorsey and Square are buying 50 million bitcoins. Tomorrow it will be a new visionary leader . Then another. The tsunami is coming. ”

We can actually estimate without taking too many risks that other large companies should in the months and years to come integrate cryptocurrencies into their strategies . And among the names that are whispered within the crypto community, two come up frequently these days: PayPal and Google.

Will PayPal confirm its interest in cryptocurrencies?

PayPal Interest in cryptomonnaies is not really new: the giant of online payments had been among the first to jump at the chance catamaran criss- ignant project Libra Facebook … Before leaving the ship when the latter started to take water. Since then, a cryptocurrency trading service has been in the works at PayPal.

According to Ari Paul of Blocktower, the company will go further, however. She will formalize her interest in Bitcoin soon:

“The info on Square is cool, but PayPal has 10 times its users. I think PayPal will announce its support for BTC by the end of the year . ”

Same story with Tyler Reynolds, a former Google Payments, who believes that PayPal selects among cryptocurrencies:

“My current theory: Square and PayPal are pro-Bitcoin and don’t support Ethereum because they want to become retail payment facilitators for BTC. They don’t want to give ETH a platform because it offers a complete financial alternative that can disintermediate PayPal & Square. ”

At Google, we rather rely on Eos (EOS)

On the Google side, it is not Bitcoin that officially caught the eye of the giant, but rather Eos (EOS) . At the beginning of October, Block.One confirmed that Google Cloud wanted to become a “block producer ”.

For this, Google Cloud must of course first be elected , in order to access one of the 21 places, which are particularly popular within the Eos ecosystem. According to Allen Day, the head of developers at Google, the company is particularly aware of the possibilities offered by blockchain:

“As organizations begin to incorporate distributed ledger technologies into their infrastructures, we want to ensure that information about public blockchains is stored securely, reliably available, and accessible through meaningful means. ”

The arrival of such heavyweights in the blockchain sector would of course be particularly crucial for the ecosystem as a whole. If PayPal chooses cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular, it could trigger a wave of adoption among other large companies, and push the price of the asset up accordingly . And if Google Cloud becomes a block producer for Eos, this will bring great legitimacy to this blockchain. To be continued…