28. September 2023

Ripple Appoints Industry Veteran Warren Jenson to Board of Directors

  • Ripple Appoints Warren Jenson to Board of Directors: Ripple, the leader in enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions, today announced Warren Jenson is joining its Board of Directors. He brings decades of experience in business at today’s most recognizable companies including Amazon, Delta Airlines, NBC, Electronic Arts and Nielsen to Ripple as the company continues to expand its presence in global markets.
  • Jenson’s Role: Jenson has been appointed as the Chair of the Audit Committee, the coalition of independent experts overseeing the formal auditing process of Ripple’s operations.
  • Jenson’s Background: Jenson has managed financial operations for companies driving innovation as leaders in their respective sectors for more than three decades. He serves on the Board of Directors for DigitalOcean and Jobcase and brings his passion for innovation and leadership to the National Advisory Committee for the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University and the Board of Leaders for USC’s Marshall School of Business.

Ripple Appoints Warren Jenson to Board Of Directors

Ripple, a leader in enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions, announced that Warren Jenson is joining its Board Of Directors. A seasoned CFO and operational leader with decades of experience from various leading companies such as Amazon, Delta Airlines, NBC, Electronic Arts and Nielson will be bringing his expertise to Ripple as they continue expanding globally.

Jensons Role At Ripple

In addition to joining Ripple’s board memberships , he will also be appointed as chairperson for Audit Committee which consists a group independent experts overseeing all formal auditing process related to Ripples operations.

Jensons Background

He has been managing financial operations at many major companies over three decades .Currently he serves on two boards which are DigitalOcean & Jobcase . He is also part passionate innovator contributing his efforts towards National Advisory Committee Marriott School Of Business At Brigham Young University & The Board Of Leaders USC’S Marshall School Of Business .

Added Value To Ripple

Warren’s addition into ripple brings out immense value due his background being CFO & Operations Leader from various renowned organizations . His expertise will help ripple gain trust among other customers around world while setting precedence when it comes transparency & accountability which are core pillars underlying Ripples operations .


This step by ripple shows how serious they are when it comes adoption of their offerings across globe . With Warren onboard , we can expect ripple achieving greater heights by providing innovative services with highest standards while keeping up with latest trends worldwide .