23. February 2024

NC Global Media Partners with TechiLaw to Help Indian P2P Scam Victims

Summary of Article

  • NC Global Media, a Dubai-based blockchain media company, has partnered with TechiLaw, an emerging law firm in India, to assist P2P scam victims.
  • TechiLaw is offering comprehensive solutions and consultancy services at the intersection of technical and legal disciplines.
  • Mr. Yogesh Pandit, founder of TechiLaw and a blockchain expert at NC Global Media, is currently addressing 560+ cases related to frozen bank accounts.

Partnership between NC Global Media & TechiLaw

NC Global Media, the Dubai-based blockchain media company has partnered with and supported the legal team of TechiLaw, an emerging law firm in India. This partnership was formed in order to assist over 100 victims of peer-to-peer (P2P) scams by navigating the intricate landscape of frozen bank accounts.

Ripple Effect Caused By Unverified Account on Dark Web

Since mid-April, a sense of uncertainty has rippled through India’s P2P sector due to the freezing of bank accounts by the cyber security department. Several users’ wallets came under scrutiny after receiving payment for a batch of cryptocurrency sales from an unverified account on the dark web. In addition to losing their legitimate cryptocurrency holdings, traders also found themself under the scrutiny of cyber watchdogs.

Services Offered By Techilaw

TechiLaw serves as an esteemed platform that offers comprehensive solutions and consultancy services at the intersectionof technical and legal disciplines. The law firm has garnered a reputation for efficiently resolving P2P transaction-related scams and providing valuable insights to its diverse clientele.

Role Of Mr Yogesh Pandit

Mr Yogesh Pandit , who is also a blockchain expert at NC Global Media guides victims in tackling various challenges posed by this crisis through TechiLaw . Moreover , he serves as faculty member specializing in cyber security & cyber law at Administrative Academy in Bhopal . He is also a trainer in Cybercrime Investigation at Bureau Of Police Research And Development (BPRD) under Ministry Of Home Affairs In India . His expertise extends further as he is also a distinguished Blockchain Trainer & Community Manager at NC Global Media .

Raising Awareness about Scams Through Partnership

The partnership between NC Global Media & Techilaw helps raise awareness about prevailing scams & its impacts on evolving P2P economy . Additionally , it assists Law Firm’s crucial ‘P2P Rescue Mission’ aiming towards helping scam victims with their transactions .