23. February 2024

Green Wallets: Crypto Goes Sustainable with XRP, XDC, and INJ

• Cryptocurrency is transitioning towards greener alternatives, with Injective, XRP and XDC leading the way.
• Injective token has demonstrated a positive performance in the market exhibiting an upswing in its value throughout the week.
• XRP, native cryptocurrency of Ripple network, has also made strides towards environmental sustainability showing an increase of 10.68% over seven days.

Crypto Wallets Going Green

The digital landscape is increasingly recognizing the urgent need to transition towards more sustainable practices and cryptocurrencies are no exception. Leading this shift towards greener alternatives are three cryptocurrencies – Injective, XRP and XDC.

Injective Token Shines Bright

Injective Protocol is an innovative decentralized exchange (DEX) platform built on Ethereum that offers fast and secure trading. Over the past week, INJ token has exhibited a positive performance in the market with a consistent upward trend from beginning at $6.37 to reaching its highest point of $8.1685 yesterday and eventually stabilizing at its present price of $8.03 with a 1.55% downtick throughout the day reflecting a market capitalization of $631 million and trading volume for the token declining by 47.66%.

XRP Exhibits Strong Market Performance

XRP, native cryptocurrency of Ripple network, is making strides toward environmental sustainability showing an increase of 10.68% over seven days from starting at $0.47 to reaching highs of $0.5272 and $0.5299 yesterday culminating in a subtle intraday uptick registering 049% rise bringing its valuation to $0205 along with witnessing 048% hike in market capitalization reaching 27 billion dollars .

XDC Fluctuating Trends

XDC Network is growing as one of the leading blockchain platforms for enterprise solutions providing support for smart contracts as well as distributed applications (dApps). The coin has been fluctuating between 3-4 cents throughout last week ending today at 3 cents with 1 cent drop since yesterday resulting in decrease in market cap by 5% standing presently at 11 million dollars whereas trading volume decreased significantly by 43%.


Amidst crypto landscape’s transition towards greener solutions , cryptocurrencies like Injective , XRP and XDc have taken lead demonstrating strong market performance while exhibiting fluctuations respectively .